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"I can’t think of a subject that is taboo for me unless it’s one I simply don’t know anything about." – Chris Crutcher.

Menstruation has remained a taboo topic for a long time because of the scarce amount of awareness and education about it. Manasa took birth from one such unaware fragment of the society which hushed any whisper about menstruation. It was an impact-oriented, youth-led organization determinedly combating problems related to menstruation: the expense of modern sanitary products, problems of disposal, complete lack of awareness and information, and the social taboos surrounding menstruation.

In the three years of its work, Manasa impacted and influenced the lives of over One Lakh Fifteen Thousand menstruators nudging them towards an educated, empowered, and environment-friendly menstrual life. Through the momentum of it all, Manasa evolved. 

Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, SOQO came into existence. This new chapter, while still bearing the aspirations and principles of its predecessor, aims to encourage a better, comfortable, and environment-friendly menstrual life through the introduction of its own product.

We are a woman-led organization guided by our Founder and CEO Ms.Janvi Tiwari who loves to be referred to as a Chief Menstruating Officer. To Janvi, SOQO equates to authenticity. 

SOQO endeavors to remain authentic in its communication. Janvi strongly believes that "sustainability need not be uncomfortable".

SOQO provides you with a perfect blend of the two. We hope to make the production and supply of ‘menstrual health’ products affordable and improved. Not only that, but we hope to widen the expanse of awareness we create through this platform and our other platforms. We are ready and willing to make conversations that may be hushed to a whisper in the name of propriety. The human body and everything related to it is natural and needs to be normalized. At SOQO, we endeavor to achieve just that. 

Together, let’s embark on a journey combating social taboos and fighting menstruation-related problems. Let’s re-paint menstruation as a natural phenomenon rather than a subject of shame. Period blood is the only blood that does not come from violence, yet it is the one considered the most loathsome and shameful by certain parts of society. 

SOQO will work relentlessly to eradicate this stigma around periods. 

Here’s to our new chapter: Educated, Empowered, Environment-friendly, and Evolved.




  • Posted on by Chahak Chugh

    Here’s to being more empowered, educated & evolved! 🥂

  • Posted on by Janvi Tiwari

    Cheers to our new beginnings! ♥️✨

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