Period Feeling Made Comfortable

SOQO is India's first 100% ethically homegrown period lingerie. On a mission to offer carefree confidence, comfort, and protection from leaks and stains at all times — to everyone with a vagina. Say goodbye to accidental leaks, shifting pads, discomfort, and worries forever!
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We’ve received a lot of love and are thrilled to share some of the experiences of our happy menstruators.
Comfort and coverage made sexy underwear is very VERY comfortable, very clean and hygienic, and the best part is that it's seamless and yes finally you can feel sexy and comfortable on your periods. Highly recommending to my fellow menstruators.
Shweta Shahi
JUST AMAZING!! Its soft, snug and gives a liberating feeling! I had an unusual heavy flow and this got me worry free for any stain because it soaks up well on any leakage from the reusable pad.
Awesome product. I have used it for 2 cycle and I am impressed by the quality. Comfortable to wear and no waste. It was pretty easy to wash as well. No odour so thats a plus. Had been using cloth pads earlier but this is def much more comfortable than cloth pads. Buying more soon! Keep up the good work.
Perfect period underpants I bought it to wear mostly at night because I don’t like sleeping with a pad. The product is a success. No leaks. Easy to clean as well.
Amiti Gupta
Period Bestiee I recently got myself this SOQO underwear and wore it on Day 1 of my period yesterday. uff it is THE DREAM. so comfortable and effortless, I forgot I was even on my period without the scratchiness of the pads. so breezy and comfy, I'm in love
Shlagha Borah
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