Our Mission

SOQO’s mission is to make periods safer for all women! We aim to end the stigma around natural bodies, periods, and bladder leaks that affect women on a daily basis. Our boss ladies should be at ease be it at the office, homes, or institutes and we are here to make it happen. The cherry on top? Protect the planet from unmanageable waste.

Story So Far

We started as the only organisation, Manasa, in Central India working to educate rural and urban-rural women about period poverty, raise menstrual awareness and break the stigma surrounding it. It’s been a journey and now we are here! We found the problem of the unavailability of menstrual products and their impact on women and eventually the planet. We started with reusable pads and moved one step ahead toward Period Underwear and our brand SOQO! SOQO (:meaning absorb) aims to tackle modern sanitary issues of disposal and increasing carbon footprint in a more sustainable way while eradicating period privileges.

About Us

SOQO is an impact-oriented, youth led organisation committed to...

Working in orphanages, government schools, public schools, private schools, slums and vocational training centres.

At SOQO, we work to change how women see their lives and their bodies. We want to empower you to understand the strength of your body and how to take good care of it. With our ground-breaking products and fearless content, we are a company that transforms how women view their periods, bladder leaks, postpartum recovery, and other natural events. We support the growth of girls worldwide who miss school due to their periods because they can't afford pads, as well as their education and period safety. . Thanks to you, with every SOQO purchase, we provide sanitary pads and health education to a girl in need.

To date, we have educated 1,15,000+ women and girls and distributed 8000+ cloth pads.

We believe in...

Our Belief

Empowering Women
A female-founded company encouraging women to celebrate their bodies unapologetically

Body Positivity
The underwear comes in multiple sizes ranging from XS to 4XL. This means? It is for every one of us, of all sizes!

Supporting Local
Lingerie- Proudly and Ethically Made in India.

100% Organic & Sustainable
Using only GOTS Certified fabrics to produce underwear free of any toxic substances.

Supporting Fair-Trade
All the farmers and workers are paid fair wages under good working conditions while producing our period lingerie.

Give Back Program

With each purchase, SOQO makes menstrual education and safer periods available to young girls and women from underprivileged communities. We also strive to organize various workshops and seminars to educate adolescents who are yet to have their periods; for a healthier and safer start to their journey.

Help us take this initiative further by being part of the SOQO family. Buy SOQO’s Period underwear and make a change in the women's community.

Have you met...

Our Founder

Janvi Tiwari

Founder, SOQO
Janvi is a young and dynamic founder, driven by a passion for empowering women at every stage of life. With her company SOQO, she is reengineering lingerie to provide solutions for all. Janvi's journey began with a focus on educating underprivileged women about feminine hygiene and has now led her to lead a successful company. Her energy and determination inspire all who meet her, and her mission to change the lingerie industry is one that is sure to leave a lasting impact.
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