The Bloody Myths About Periods


It’s ironic how in a world where warfare, violence and bloodshed has become a commonplace, people are grossed out by period blood. The hush around periods has given birth to ridiculous period myths. 

We are here to set some of these straight.


1. Periods = Impurity

“Don’t go in the kitchen on your period.” 

“Don’t you dare be seen around a temple if it’s that time of the month.”

“Of course you can’t share a bed with your husband if you’re on your period! That’s a sin!”

Getting your periods is a normal physiological process, wherein your body is getting rid of the uterine wall and the unfertilized egg since pregnancy did not occur. 

Just like any other bodily function, it must not prevent you from participating in normal life. This myth is only a result of misinformation and the social stigmatization of periods. 

It’s extreme (and disappointing) result comes in the form of menstruation huts which were built to isolate menstruators due to taboos around menstruation


2. Hush! Don’t talk about periods!

 This myth is probably the root of all other myths. 

We only had scraps of information about periods back in the days. 

Not surprisingly, since most of the scripts were written by men, that information is brimming with stereotypes, taboos and unnecessary slander against periods. Talking about it is important. 

So, screw the hush. Ask doubts, seek information and communicate problems. If it affects your body, speak about it. 

Discomfort around period talk takes birth from period myths. The primary step towards bursting these myths is to talk about your period.


3. Period pain is not real.

“But have you ever been kicked in the balls?”

Talking about one type of pain does not invalidate the other. 

Period pain is real. 

Endometriosis is one such period-related condition which includes severe, debilitating abdominal cramps. Breast tenderness, dysmenorrhea (aka period cramps), headache et cetera are medically recognized symptoms of periods.


4. It’s a girl/woman problem.

Not all women are menstruators and not all menstruators are women. 

Menstruation is not exclusive to women, it includes transgender men and non-binary people. Similarly, it’s also normal for some women to not menstruate just like other non-binary people and transgender women. 

Periods aren’t gender-specific.


5. Is that a period product?!

 “Wrap it in a newspaper.” 

“I hope no one saw me carrying a pad to the washroom.”

Dear menstruators, period products are nothing to be ashamed of. 

Would you hide a band-aid? No, right? Similarly, period products are normal to use and buy. 

Use them fearlessly and unashamedly whether it’s a pad, tampon, cup or a SOQO’s period underwear. 

There are a plethora of period myths out there. Let us know in the comments the most ridiculous period myths you’ve come across.


SOQO’s role in all this

SOQO, as an organization endeavors to combat social taboos and solve period-related problems. It works relentlessly to end stigma around periods. This is the primary purpose of our blog - to be aware and to make aware. We encourage you to talk about menstruation like any other bodily function.

We are trying to solve period - related problems by helping you have a comfortable and evolved period experience through our high-waist, caviar, leak proof underwear which is made up of the softest fabric and provides total coverage. SOQO’s period underwear is environmentally-friendly since it uses bamboo as its base thus tackling the problem of pollution caused by menstrual products. 

Take your step towards a better and bolder menstrual experience with SOQO’s period underwear. Head to our official website to place your order at the earliest.

Happy menstruating!




  • Posted on by haresh

    hi firt commet

  • Posted on by haresh

    hi firt commet

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