The Red Kit: Period Essentials For An Enhanced Menstrual Experience


Women have been experiencing periods since before humans were completely evolved as a species. From ancient papyrus tampons of the 15th century to “smart” menstrual cups, we have come a long way. Along the way, we have been able to find and make tools to enhance our menstrual experience. Apart from the regular must-haves like an extra pair of underwear, pads, tampons, sanitiser, tissues et cetera, your period kit can be equipped with some specific tools to make periods a tad less annoying.

We have compiled a list of such tools which make up an efficient period kit. Have a look!

1. Huggable Uterus Cooling + Heating pad

Can’t stop clutching at your lower abdomen? Sick of being stuck in one place because of the excruciating pain? Try cuddling up with this savior to alleviate your abdominal cramps. It allows for ease of movement and saves you from the hassle of having to hold your hot water bag (or bottle) against your body. Other pain-relief wearables (for eg: Livia) are also available in the market. These are small, easily portable, and effective.


2. Cozywear 

While on your period, regular loungewear simply doesn’t cut it. You need the coziest and cutest set of clothes to uplift your mood, make you feel cute and keep you as comfortable as possible. Make sure it’s easily washable, to get rid of any unwanted stains.


3. Essential oils

Apart from being used as aromatherapy tools to ease anxiety and stress, these have been found to relieve period cramps. Specifically, lavender oil combined with a carrier oil (for eg: almond oil) or oil blends including lavender, sage, and marjoram oils might be very helpful


4. Chocolates, chocolates, and more chocolates!

For all our beloved sweet tooths out there, here’s your perfect excuse to eat dark chocolates. Cocoa-rich dark chocolate can ease your cramps since it consists of magnesium which happens to be a natural pain-reliever.


5. Period Detective

Not a big fan of surprises? Especially red, cranky ones? Well, then you need a period tracking app. Not only does this warn you about Aunt Flo’s visits, but also helps you to examine the regularity of your periods (won’t need to stutter the next time your gyno asks you about your period, haha)

These also come with features that allow you to record your flow (heavy or light), pain, spotting days, and multiple other period-related things.


6. H2O

Just like on every other day, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated. Cute water bottles are highly advisable (pleasant to the eye, big flex). Drinking water eases your menstruation symptoms and is a generally good habit to maintain.


7. The Menstrual Disc

This one is especially useful for sexually active menstruators. It is quite similar to a menstrual cup, except that it allows for sex. This disc fits back into the vaginal fornix (where the vaginal canal meets the cervix) thus allowing for mess-free sex.


8. Period stain remover

While period stains are nothing to be embarrassed about, they can be quite the hassle. Period stain removers sold in the market or a simple bottle of hydrogen peroxide can help you get rid of unwanted stains effortlessly.


9. SOQO’s Period Underwear!

The worst part about periods is the hassle of using an extra product. Be it a cup, tampon, or pad, the addition of an extra product can be quite irksome. However, when you are wearing SOQO’s leakproof period underwear, it’s just like every other day. SOQO’s period underwear is just like your regular undies except it's so much better. It absorbs blood, sweat, vaginal discharge and saves you from the icky, moist feeling down there. It’s comfortable and sustainable. Its soft Bamboo fabric is breathable and extremely easy to clean. SOQO’s period underwear offers a better and more evolved menstrual experience.

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