Truths About Postpartum They Don't Tell You

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We are all guilty of scrolling endlessly through the galore of wholesome baby videos on the internet. Just when you think you have spammed your best friends with anything and everything including cuteness and babies..

Bam! It’s a video of a baby boy playing with a baby turtle…(cue heart eyes and awwws)

While childbirth is perhaps the most beautiful gift of nature, it does put the child bearer through an enormous amount of pain. Similarly, looking at the aftermath of childbirth might give us baby fever, but it should also open our eyes to the not-so-pleasant post-partum truths. We insist on this not with the purpose of scaring people, but with the intention of making them aware of the hardships faced during and after childbirth. Not only will this allow people to make informed decisions in their family planning but will also enhance our respect for every person who has gone through it or is currently going through it.

So, brace yourselves for some hard truths cause boy oh boy it gets messy.


1. A 4-6 week period?!

Remember the joy of not meeting Aunt Flo for 9 whole months? Yeah well, you gotta compensate hun. The blood you see after childbirth is called lochia. It's almost similar to menstrual blood. It contains blood, pieces of the uterine lining, mucus and white blood cells. It might start off heavy but it will taper towards the end.This bleeding might be experienced after vaginal birth as well as cesarean delivery. It’s best to keep necessary resources like pads, underwear et cetera ready (especially SOQO’s underwear)


2. Bladder gone rogue

The weight of the expanding uterus during pregnancy can weaken the pelvic floor muscles consequently leading to urinary incontinence. Stress urinary incontinence is also a common, clinical postpartum complication. It is more likely to be experienced after vaginal birth. It is important to remember that it is nothing to be embarrassed about. 

The silver lining here is that it can be overcome through simple lifestyle changes like avoiding caffeine, carbonated drinks, smoking and alcohol.  Again, tools like incontinence pads, absorbent underwears et cetera come in handy during this time.


3. Moody breasts

A woman’s breasts undergo many changes during and after childbirth. It's almost as if breasts were elected to be representatives of the different stages of pregnancy. Before pregnancy, achy, tingling and sensitive breasts will be your siren that maybe, you’re not alone anymore. During pregnancy, they continue to grow as if God was intent on answering all your prayers at one stretch. Your nipples too become larger and the skin around them grows darker. After pregnancy, your breasts turn into a balloon of milk. It can be overwhelming, but over time you’ll definitely catch a hang of it!


4. You might become a BigFoot

….well any excuse to buy new footwear is good news right? Think about it, cute pregnancy shoes. Yay! Although this change is most likely to be temporary so maybe don’t spend a huge chunk of your money on them regardless of how cute they are or how indulgent you are feeling. 


5. Poop can be a real pain in the ass

After childbirth, your perineum is stretched to its limit. You have a weakened pelvic floor, probably a vaginal tear (vaginal birth) or an incision (cesarean birth), so it's safe to say that pushing another thing out of you can feel like quite the mammoth task. The first poop after childbirth can be excruciating and brutal. Your best friends to prepare you for this are - stool softener (might be offered by your healthcare provider), water, poop friendly foods (fiber rich food), and breathing exercises. You got this girl!


6. Autumn season for you hair

Another one of the gazillion things you can blame your hormones for. The sharp drop in your hormones after childbirth can lead to the shedding of your beautiful,thick hair. However, postpartum hair loss is very common and nothing to worry about. It might continue for as long as a year. The best measures you can take meanwhile is keeping your hair away from styling devices which use heat, eating healthy, trying hair supplements (consult your doctor first) and getting good sleep. 

These were a few postpartum truths that nobody really tells you about. They might be a little scary and off-putting but they’re manageable too. Fundamental changes to your body can be scary, but the gift, the little bundle of joy they leave us with might be worth it to some.

Deciding whether or not these changes and hardships are worth it all is solely your choice and no one has the right to judge you for it, demand explanations or call you out on it. 

Here’s to making more informed decisions!

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