Ethically and proudly made in India, SOQO is on a mission to offer carefree confidence, comfort and protection from leaks and stains at all times. SOQO’s Period Underwear are washable, reusable and a perfect replacement for disposable single use pads and tampons.

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An assemblance of 4 performance fabrics ensure the right period protection. The fabrics work together to wick the flow away from the skin, absorb the discharge, and lock any leaks, all while staying thin and odor-free.


Why #switchtosoqo

Most of the sanitary pads used today are made of non-biodegradable plastic. With each female using an average of eight pads per menstrual cycle, more than 12 billion sanitary pads are disposed of every year. All of this waste ends up in sewage systems or landfills or is incinerated, all of which are harmful to the environment. Traditional sanitary pads take more than 600 years to decompose. With concerns about climate change intensifying around the world, now is the time to heighten the focus on making menstrual products sustainable and environmentally friendly. (Source :


Can I wear the SOQO underwear on my period?

Yup, that's what we're here for. Our Drip-Proof Technology acts like a barely-there built-in panty liner and can absorb as much liquid as two regular pads. It is an amazing and all-natural moisture-wicking, leakproof, absorbent and anti-microbial material, so you'll stay dry, comfortable and odour-free. It will feel slightly different than your regular underwear -- because it is! -- but most people forget that they're wearing it. It's also perfect for people who experience light bladder leaks, vaginal discharges, or excess sweating. Just wear, wash and repeat and you'll have one less thing to worry about.

How long can I wear the SOQO underwear?

The underwear can be worn for 12-15 hours on medium-light flow days and for 4-6 hours on heavy flow days. You can combine the underwear with a menstrual cup/pad tampon on heavy flow days and wear it for longer hours.

Can I wear SOQO as an everyday underwear?

Yes, absolutely. If you experience bladder incontinence or vaginal discharges, SOQO can come to your rescue on those days as well.

What material is the SOQO underwear made of?

The underwear is made of 95% Bamboo fabric and 5% elastane fabric.

What is the underwear's life cycle?

We have designed our underwear with sustainable fibres which means no chemicals next to your important bits and our performance features will take a long time to wash out. You can expect to be wearing the SOQO underwear for 2x longer than your regular underwear.
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