Feel Good Guide For Your Next Period


Are there days when the urge to get rid of your uterus is nearly irresistible?

Days when you feel like you’re holding a stick and every single person around you is a walking piñata?


And, are these days, coincidentally, the ones when you’re on your period?

Also yes?

Hmm, strange.

For such strange coincidences, which mostly include pain, tears, bloodshed, more bloodshed and a hint of crankiness, we have the perfect feel-good guide for your next period

1) Make the pain stop!

  • Heating pads: The best way to deal with pain in your lower abdomen, lower back, joints, and thighs before and during your period is to use a heating pad (or a hot water bag) on your lower back and lower abdomen. In case none of these are available, just hold a hot water bottle against your lower back and lower abdomen. 
  • Massages: You can try massaging your abdomen (or, for the more fortunate ones, getting someone to massage your abdomen and lower back.) with essential oils like Lavender, Peppermint, or Rose to alleviate the cramps.
  • Pain killers: You can try using an over-the-counter pain killer (after consulting your doctor) like aspirin or ibuprofen (Advil). 
  • Showers: Taking a hot shower can also help to alleviate the pain a little.
  • Exercise: As difficult as it might be to get out of bed, let alone exercise, physical activities like simple yoga, walking, or light aerobic exercise can be great help. 
  • Orgasms: Another rather appealing method would be having an orgasm. A study in 1985 states that vaginal self-stimulation can double women’s tolerance for pain.

2) Superfoods are your Superheroes!

Ooh is that a pizza? Whip cream? Pastry?

Our sincere apologies to you and your period cravings. 

Period food includes

  • Curd: Improves gut health, thus, helping with constipation, diarrhea et cetera.
  • Honey: When taken in the right amount, it balances your thyroid hormones and also helps with mood swings.
  • Seed Cycling: Seed cycling is a naturopathic remedy to balance hormones, treat PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), reduce acne et cetera. Our periods are divided into stages. Menstruators are generally advised to consume flax seeds and pumpkin seeds during the follicular phase (Day 1-14 of your period). Sunflower seeds and sesame seeds during the luteal phase (Day 14-28). Other superfoods include peanuts, chamomile tea, pineapples, matcha et cetera.

3) Pamper Yourself!

It is essential to take extra care of yourself while menstruating.

Eat some dark chocolate, bring out your coziest clothes, take a relaxing bath (try to use hot water), vibe to your favorite playlist and dance (releases happy hormones), skip screen time an hour before bed and most importantly be patient with yourself, your mood swings, your overwhelming emotions, and your uterus. 

4) Get your period underwear! 

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Happy Menstruating!






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