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Comfort and coverage made sexy underwear is very VERY comfortable, very clean and hygienic, and the best part is that it's seamless and yes finally you can feel sexy and comfortable on your periods. Highly recommending to my fellow menstruators.
Shweta Shahi

JUST AMAZING!! Its soft, snug and gives a liberating feeling! I had an unusual heavy flow and this got me worry free for any stain because it soaks up well on any leakage from the reusable pad.

Awesome product. I have used it for 2 cycle and I am impressed by the quality. Comfortable to wear and no waste. It was pretty easy to wash as well. No odour so thats a plus. Had been using cloth pads earlier but this is def much more comfortable than cloth pads. Buying more soon! Keep up the good work.
Perfect period underpants I bought it to wear mostly at night because I don’t like sleeping with a pad. The product is a success. No leaks. Easy to clean as well.
Amiti Gupta

Period Bestiee I recently got myself this SOQO underwear and wore it on Day 1 of my period yesterday. uff it is THE DREAM. so comfortable and effortless, I forgot I was even on my period without the scratchiness of the pads. so breezy and comfy, I'm in love
Shlagha Borah



3 performance fabrics ensure the most advanced period protection. The fabrics work together to redirect the flow away from the skin, absorb the discharge, and lock any leaks, all while staying thin and odor-free.

Story of SOQO so far


SOQO wasn't so cool from the start.
We used to teach in urban slums and rural areas about period safety.
We used to give 3 pads to women with crowdfunding we used to raise.
We were helping girls and mothers, but it wasn't helping mother earth.
Each pad remains polluting the planet for 600 years to come.
So we started making biodegradable cloth pads ourselves.
But alas, they used to move out of place.
So we stitched them on the pants, and the first version of SOQO reusable underwear was born.
We started working on research and development to make it better.
But then, out of nowhere, we had a nationwide lockdown.
But we didn't let that stop us. We kept going.
Because every woman deserves a happy period.
After 2 years of R&D and thousands of iterations later, SOQO is the best reusable period underwear out there. PERIOD.
More than 1200+ women trust SOQO.


How does SOQO period underwear work?

SOQO is machine-washable and reusable period-absorbing underwear — providing a more sustainable alternative to single-use disposable products. SOQO underwear for periods is designed in a range of absorbencies, from lightest to super, to support every stage of your flow. Every pair of SOQO period-absorbing underwear features our signature, innovative built-in technology — a skin-touching layer that absorbs the flow keeping the skin dry, an absorbent core layer keeping the undies odor-free, and an outermost leak-proof layer.

How much fluid can SOQO hold?

SOQ underwear can handle anything from light spotting (4-5 regular tampons worth of flow) to heavy flooding (4-5 regular tampons worth of flow), so there is a style for every day of your cycle. We recommend trying SOQO period-absorbing underwear for the first time at home so you can see how they best work for you. If you feel damp or notice your flow spreading to the seams, it may be time to change into a new pair. We recommend starting with 3-5 undies, so you’ll be covered for your entire cycle without doing extra laundry. We offer Saver Sets and discounts when you buy 3+ pairs so you can build your collection and get more for less.

How long can I wear SOQO period underwear to prevent leaks?

Every flow is different! You can wear period-absorbing underwear for as long as your flow allows. And of course, the style you wear also plays a factor, as some underwear styles are more absorbent than others. We measure our underwear for periods by absorbency, with our highest absorbency styles holding up to 5 tampons worth of flow. For some customers, they will last the whole day, and others may need to carry an extra pair of SOQO period underwear as a backup. If you feel damp or notice your flow spreading to the seams, that is an indicator you should change into a fresh pair. We suggest bringing along a resealable bag, pouch, or wet bag — so that if you do need to change out of your first pair of SOQO undies, you've got a place to put them.

How do I know what size to order?

We recommend following the hip measurement to find the most accurate size. Be sure to measure your hips at their widest point, derriere included! We recommend sizing up in underwear styles that fit below the natural waist. Check the fit details of each underwear style via our size chart. The underwear should fit snugly but not so tight that it becomes uncomfortable.

How do I care properly for SOQO?

SOQO is super simple to care for; soak in normal water for 30 minutes, give a gentle scrub, and toss it in the washing machine. Last but not least, hang dry your undies.

What if I am unhappy with the purchase?

You are safe and protected with a 30 Day NO questions asked, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We want people on periods to have the best period experience, and if our customers feel like they are not feeling comfort and security for whatever reason, then we don’t want your money. Simply write to us at, and we will initiate an immediate refund. It’s that easy.
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